Full Mouth Extractions

A full mouth extraction is a procedure in which all of the teeth in the mouth need to be removed, often for reasons like untreatable periodontal disease or extensive tooth decay. These problems often occur due to neglect, poor oral hygiene, genetics, hereditary issues, or an unhealthy diet. If you are in need of a full mouth extraction, we will work together to form a comprehensive treatment plan, which will include replacing the extracted teeth with either dentures or a full bridge.

A full mouth extraction procedure is can be completed in one visit or over multiple visits where a few teeth are pulled out each time. A full mouth extraction will only be performed as a last result, when there are no other options to meet your needs. Our team approaches each case in a unique and personalized way, ensuring your ultimate safety and comfort. You can trust us to always keep your best interests in mind.

For those who might feel anxious during an oral surgery procedure, conscious oral sedation is available. Click here to learn more.

Following a full mouth extraction, there are a variety of replacement options available. Full dentures can be put in or, most commonly, dental implants are placed. Learn more about implants here.