If you have a cavity or decayed tooth, it can be restored back to its normal shape and function with an onlay. An onlay is a more extensive reconstruction that covers one or more cusps of a tooth. Onlays are best used in situations where a cusp is compromised or fractured.


  • Left with an unattractive smile
  • Lowered self-confidence
  • Tooth may sustain further damage
  • May become more costly to repair with time
  • Decay may worsen
  • Possible tooth loss due to decay spreading


  • Preserve more of the tooth’s natural structure.
  • Provides your teeth with long-lasting strength.
  • Less likely to discolor over time.
  • Custom-fit before placed in the mouth.
  • Ideal for treating decay in tight spaces.
  • Stronger than other filling materials.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can save on future treatment costs.

At some point in your life, you will likely need some kind of restorative dentistry care. The earlier we can intervene in the case of a cavity, infection or dental injury, the more likely we are to achieve good results and save your teeth and your wallet!