If you need a veneer, you have come to the right place. Dr. Pawlus is on the fore-front of dentistry when it comes to creating and placing veneers. Our office has its own in-office lab to create beautiful veneers for you.

Veneers are a cosmetic dental procedure in which a thin layer of porcelain or composite material is placed over the outside of the tooth. They are used to improve esthetics or help with tooth damage. Veneers are usually only performed on the front part of the teeth that are visible when talking or smiling. The procedure can be direct or indirect.

The direct technique usually involves placing composite resin on the outside of the tooth using bonding. Because of that, the direct technique is usually referred to as bonding. The indirect technique usually involves two appointments because the veneers are fabricated at a dental laboratory. At the first appointment the teeth are prepared, impressions are taken, and the teeth are given a temporary covering. The veneers are back from the laboratory after two or three weeks. The temporaries are removed, and the veneers are bonded to the teeth. The laboratory-fabricated veneers are usually made using porcelain or pressed ceramic, and are aesthetically pleasing.

The advantage of veneers versus crowns is that much less of the tooth material has to be removed, and the procedure is generally less uncomfortable. Veneers are not recommended for patients who have large fillings or little tooth structure. They are also typically recommended for the restoration of front teeth.

At Pawlus Dental, we're proud to say we deliver first-rate veneers from start to finish.

Dr. Pawlus has practiced for many years as the primary cosmetic dentist in the region. After moving his practice and changing his focus to a more holistic approach, Dr. Pawlus is still sought out for his extensive knowledge on dental lab work and cosmetic procedures. Dr. Pawlus created and patented a system for creating custom veneers named Uni-Pin. The Uni-Pin difference is in the way that the veneers are created. Our patented layering process creates a stronger, more durable veneer coating.

Thus, a custom veneer from our own lab is as thin as a contact lens, and crafted to include the subtle surface irregularities of a real tooth. It's pigmented not with a single color, but with various co-mingled shades that also mimic nature. And unlike the obvious, opaque veneers you've noticed on others in the past, these are translucent. Light filters through them, just as it would through natural tooth enamel.

The artistry of our lab technicians, combined with Dr. Pawlus's skill and the advanced technology we use to fit and apply our dental veneers, makes Pawlus Dental an ideal partner when you're ready to transform your smile.