Discount Plan

Annual Plan Pricing

  • Individual Member Price — $248 per year
  • Dual Member Price — $449 per year
  • Family Price — $711 per year


  • No deductible
  • No Claim Forms
  • No Pre-Authorization Requirements
  • No Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Immediate Eligibility (No Waiting Periods)
  • Free Orthodontic Consultations
  • No Yearly maximum
  • Includes Bi-Annual x-rays, exams, & cleanings



  • Family members eligible for discount plan include spouse and dependent children under the age of 26.
  • All discount plan membership fees are due and payable in full at the time of registration.
  • Discount plan membership fees are non-refundable.
  • All additional charges are due day of service.
  • Discount plan duration is for one full year, starting on the registration date.
  • Discount plan coverage expires at the end of the membership year.

*Cosmetic procedures are NOT covered by this plan. Orthodontics are NOT covered by this plan. This program is a discount plan, not a dental insurance plan It CANNOT be used: in conjunction with another dental plan; For services for injuries covered under workman’s compensation; For treatment which, in the sole opinion of the treating dentist or doctor, lies outside the realm of their capability; For referrals to specialist; For hospitalization or hospital charges of any kind; For costs of dental care which are covered under automobile medical claims. This plan is NOT insurance, nor is it to be construed or considered dental insurance. It is a discount plan administered by Pawlus Dental. Other restrictions apply. Call for details. **Dual Plan is for parent/child or husband wife only. ***Family Plan is for parent/more than one child or parents & children (Immediate Family Only). The Dual Plan & Family Plan include any child who is enrolled full-time in college until age 25, or a child who is not enrolled full-time in college until age 18.

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