Robot-Assisted Surgeries

Robot-assisted surgery is becoming the gold standard for surgical care, and Yomi is the first and only robot of its kind in the world of dentistry. Offering more accurate and less invasive dental implant placements, Yomi leads to better results and a better patient experience. At Pawlus Dental, we’re proud to be the first dental practice in Indiana to adopt this revolutionary technology.

How Yomi Benefits You

Faster Treatment

Yomi brings a new level of efficiency to implant placement. For some patients, this means that same-day implant surgery is possible, eliminating the extra weeks in between visits.

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Less Invasive

Yomi’s advanced technology allows for procedures that are truly minimally invasive - smaller incisions means quicker healing, and in some cases, sutures aren’t even required!

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Greater Accuracy

The heightened precision provided by cutting-edge robotic assistance makes for more predictable results so your implant can be planned and placed with confidence.

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Dr. Pawlus

What Makes Yomi So Special?

Yomi uses proprietary software and haptic technology to plan and guide implant placement to augment the expertise of the dental team. The dentist performing the procedure retains control and remains in direct contact with the instruments, so they can make changes as they see fit. 

Pawlus Dental office
Pawlus Dental office
Pawlus Dental office

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Meet Richard

Our First Yomi Patient

We think results best speak for themselves! Richard was the first patient to receive a robot-assisted dental implant placement here at Pawlus Dental, and he couldn’t be happier with his new smile. 

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Have Questions About Yomi?

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Is robot assisted surgery new?

Every year, robotics are used to assist in about 1 million surgical procedures. Yomi is, however, the first (and only!) FDA-approved system for robot assisted surgery in the United States.

Does Yomi replace the role of a dental surgeon?

No, Yomi is not designed to replace dental surgeons. Rather, it is used to complement their skills and augment the procedure for more efficient, predictable results. Your dentist will be able to see, feel, and control every aspect of the treatment, and will remain able to make adjustments as necessary during the procedure. Yomi is uniquely designed to provide haptic guidance, (that is, tangible physical feedback, audio cues, and dynamic visualization) to ensure the implant is placed exactly where it needs to be, down to a fraction of a millimeter. This makes for safer procedures, and means you can rest easy knowing that your recovery and restoration will always go according to plan.

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